Vento integrates Afisvigo, reaches circa 100 professionals

Galicia-based Labour & Tax law firm Vento Abogados & Asesores, with a turnover increase of €1 million in 2020, has integrated Vigo-based Tax firm Afisvigo

Afisvigo, a Tax consultancy firm in Vigo, has joined Vento Abogados y Asesores, chaired by Juan Carrera (pictured). With the integration of the firm led by Enrique Rodríguez Vila and Ana González Baños, Vento reinforces the structure of its Tax advice area with six new professionals. Vento’s strategy is to add professionals and firms of reference in their areas of work.

On this merger, the firm stated: “We are pleased to announce the integration of Afisvigo, a leading firm in Tax advice, into Vento Abogados & Asesores. A great team of professionals specialised in Tax Law, led by Enrique Rodríguez Vila and Ana González Baños, joins our project.”

Vento Abogados & Asesores has offices in Vigo and A Coruña and provides Legal advice and Tax and Labour management services. It currently has a team of almost one hundred professionals.
According to La Voz de Galicia, its turnover will exceed €3.3 million this year, almost €1 million more compared with 2019.


Desire Vidal