MAG monographs

MAG monographs is a special quarterly issue presented in the form of a monograph, which represents an opportunity to speak in a new way to the legal and financial business community.

MAG monographs is a reading product, parallel, innovative, and with an international scope. It aims to narrate completely new stories and points of view on the events involving the LC Publishing Group communities. The idea is to overturn the paradigms of narration by opening up to new voices and alternative storytelling solutions.

Among the themes planned for 2024: BEAUTIFUL BUILDINGS, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, WOMEN, REVOLUTIONS. Open themes that will be explored by seeking unpublished stories, images, and research.

Each of these issues is coordinated by one of the journalists from our editorial team. Michela Cannovale, for Beautiful Buildings; Giuseppe Salemme, for the issue dedicated to artificial intelligence; Eleonora Fraschini, for the issue dedicated to women; Letizia Ceriani, for the issue on revolutions.

General information: