Unstoppable Pérez-Llorca

It has been ten years with its foot on the accelerator. This is how Pérez-Llorca has made its way in the legal services market. It has achieved staggering figures and has recorded unprecedented growth. It is precisely this drive towards constant development without much thought being given to the future strategies of the law firm or to the consequences of a bulimic welcome for professionals from very different backgrounds that has earned Pérez-Llorca a great deal of criticism from its peers. But this line of conduct has contributed to the development of the law firm founded in 1983 by Antonio Jiménez Blanco, Jaime García Añoveros and José Pedro Pérez-Llorca.

Looking at the figures, the law firm has almost quintupled its turnover in 10 years, from €19.3 million reported in 2012 to €91 million in 2021, recording double-digit growth every year, despite the economic downturns. “What is important to us is the enormous talent of the professionals who join our project and stay with it, the high profile of the clients we advise, and the type of work we are called upon to do, which is the most demanding. Our growth is due to these three factors”, Pedro Pérez-Llorca (pictured), managing partner of the law firm, explains to Iberian Lawyer. A law firm that stands out in its range of services, as the lawyer says: “for the knowledge and commitment to clients. However, we are not better than others, we are just trying as hard as we can”.

The outlook for 2022 is also positive: “The current year will be a good one. We don’t know anything about 2023, but we are concerned about a lot of things. Most importantly, the firm’s management is already somewhat of an expert in crises. It is an element of generational identity that unites us with many professionals and entrepreneurs who have been at the helm of organisations since 2007”, confirms Pedro Pérez-Llorca.