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ICAM’s Court of Arbitration appoints a new ambassador

The Court of Arbitration of the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM) has appointed Ana Martinez (pictured) as its new ambassador. Martinez has extensive experience in litigation and arbitration matters, both national and international, mainly in the corporate and commercial field, banking, real estate and construction, insurance, unfair competition and industrial and intellectual property. She also has […]


Eugenio Ribón becomes new ICAM’s dean

Eugenio Ribón has become the new dean of ICAM, meaning that he will be the highest representative of the Madrid legal profession. The new dean gave a speech in which the defence of the dignity of the legal profession, its right to conciliation and the social commitment of the institution with the protection of the […]


Eugenio Ribón, new dean of the Madrid Bar Association

The Madrid Bar Association has elected Eugenio Ribón (pictured) as its highest representative for the next five years. The new dean received nearly 3,700 votes, 30% more than his immediate competitor, Juan Gonzalo Ospina, and twice as many as the third candidate. With this election, Ribón becomes the successor of José María Alonso and will […]