Sergio Ruiz

Signaturit on the digitisation of Ouigo’s human resources area

The legaltech for trust services and digital transaction management, Signaturit, has signed a collaboration agreement with the train operator Ouigo to digitise its human resources department. The first step of this agreement will be to offer an electronic signature service for its employment contracts and occupational risk prevention documents.

Ouigo has already begun to use the electronic signature platform, which will enable it to streamline business processes in sending and receiving contracts online.

“The fact that companies like Ouigo trust us is an injection of energy, as it shows us the importance of our services for the industrial fabric, regardless of the sector in which they carry out their activity. On the other hand, it is a sign that the digitalisation of companies is constantly on the rise due to the great benefits it brings,” said Sergio Ruiz (pictured), CEO of Signaturit.

Thus, Ouigo decided to go with Signaturit for its human resources documents, not only because of the services it offers, but also because they ensure maximum legal guarantees, as they comply with the most demanding electronic signature laws in the European Union, the United States and Latin America. In addition, they allow them to solve the different cases of use in the company’s departments.

Irina Wakstein