La Guard advises on the creation of Nactiva

La Guard has advised the incorporation of Nactiva Capital Natural (Nactiva), a collective platform designed to channel positive impact investments for the protection and regeneration of the natural capital in the Mediterranean region.

The team advising Nactiva was formed by Ricard Gené (partner) and Juan Botta (senior associate).

La Guard has assisted Nactiva in drafting the shareholders agreement of the company and the contractual guidelines and documents for Nactiva Partners.

Nactiva, a company that adheres to the social and common benefit label, promotes the recognition of the true value of natural assets and the idea that the correct management of the natural capital is a new industry with great opportunities, in addition to revenue for Nactiva Partners, in terms of food sovereignty and security, increase of natural stocks (water), mitigation of climate change, or regenerative Km 0 agriculture, among many other examples. In countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, and the United States there are already examples of initiatives that are generating ecological, social and business value through the activation of their natural capital.

Julia Gil