III BBrainers Awards, winners announced

The winners of the III BBrainers Awards were announced during the event, a full weekend in which attendees and speakers lived together for 40 hours, held at La Finca Los Molinos

More than one hundred attendees co-lived during the three days of the III BBrainers edition. Organised by Delia Rodríguez, entrepreneur, lawyer and founder of Vestalia Abogadas, the Awards were decided through an online voting process that reached an average of 500 votes per category.

In each category, six in total, finalists and winners were:

Best Book: candidates were Natalia Velilla and Óscar Fernández León, and the winner was Natalia Velilla with 72,9% of votes.

Most Innovative Brain: candidates were Pedro Carvalho Cañas, known on Twitter as @patoaviador and informative web A Definitivas, and the winner was @patoaviador with 58,4% of votes.

Most Entrepreneurial Brain: candidates were Delia Rodríguez Rodríguez, Aitor Pérez Riquelme and Andrés Ruiz, and the winner was Delia Rodríguez with 48,9% of votes.

Most Informative Brain: candidates were Escarlata Gutiérrez, better known on Twitter as @escar_gm, blog author José María de Pablo and @judgethezipper. In this case, the winner was Escarlata Gutiérrez with 43,7% of votes.

Most Diverse Brain: candidates were judge Carlos Viader Castro, Olympe Abogados with Rocío Moya e Isaac Guijarro as its representatives, and public prosecutor Susana Gisbert. The winner was Olympe Abogados with 51% of votes.

Most Worthy/Just cause: candidates were lawyer Antonio Tuero and association UNICEF, and the winner was Antonio Tuero with 51% of votes.

A special category called “Sexiest Brain” was also awarded, with “sexiest” meaning the smartest and sharpest visioned person that was voted through Twitter using the hashtag #BBrainers and that was awarded to magistrate Amparo Salom.

Iberian Lawyer was a media partner of the event. On its behalf, Iberian Legal Group chief editor, Desiré Vidal, presented the Awards. In the picture, Vestalia Abogados team.

For more information, you can check the BBrainers website here.

Desire Vidal