GVA promotes five partners

Gómez-Villares & Atencia has promoted Eduardo Luque Delgado, Alejandro Hernández del Castillo, Javier Martín-Gamero Verdú, Álvaro García-Cabrera Mata and Antonio Caba Tena to partners

The Board of Partners of GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia has agreed to appoint as new partners of the firm five prestigious lawyers. All of them have extensive experience and professional prestige and were responsible for different departments of the firm.

Eduardo Luque Delgado has been a partner of the firm since 2005 and heads the Tax Law department. He has twice been president of the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors (AEDAF) and teaches Financial and Tax Law at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Alejandro Hernández del Castillo joined GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia in 2013. He is head of the firm’s Administrative Law department. He is a State Lawyer on leave of absence and delegate in Málaga of La Chambre; the Franco-Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Javier Martín-Gamero Verdú is head of the firm’s Employment Law department, which he joined in 2016. He has extensive sectorial knowledge, acquired through the development of his more than twenty years of professional experience.

Álvaro garcía-Cabrera Mata joined the firm in 2018, together with the team of professionals and advisors who collaborated with him, and heads the firm’s Urban Development, Environment and Water Law department. During his professional career, he has played an important role in providing legal advice on various general urban development plans and in many other aspects related to Urban Planning.

Finally, Antonio Caba Tena is the head of the Criminal and Insolvency Law department of GVA Gómez-Villares & Atencia, after joining the firm at the beginning of 2021. His incorporation also meant the opening of a new office in Estepona and the addition of his talent and extensive professional background.

In the picture, from left to right: Antonio Caba Tena, Javier Martín-Gamero Verdú, Alejandro Hernández del Castillo, Eduardo Luque Delgado and Álvaro García-Cabrera Mata.

Desire Vidal