Luis Tatay and Irene Castelló

Grant Thornton and Pérez-Llorca advise on the acquisition of Gecoinsa

Grant Thornton and Pérez-Llorca have advised on the acquisition of 100% of Gestora Comercial Internacional (Gecoinsa) by Tri-Wall Limited.

Gecoinsa and its subsidiaries carry out most of their activity in Spain, but also have operations in Portugal and Morocco. They manufacture and sell heavy-duty packaging materials, including corrugated packaging, wood packaging and pallets, and offer warehouse management and logistics services.

The Tri-Wall Group has consistently supported Rengo’s heavy-duty packaging materials business, including corrugated packaging, on a global scale. Now, with the addition of Gecoinsa, its network has expanded to the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco. Tri-Wall will continue to strengthen its supply system and respond to more diverse packaging/service needs.

Grant Thornton has advised Tri-Wall Europe, Tri-Wall’s wholly owned subsidiary, on the acquisition of 100% of Gestora Comercial Internacional (Gecoinsa).

The Grant Thornton España legal team (principal picture) involved in the transaction consisted of Luis Tatay (senior manager) and Irene Castelló (associate).

Pérez-Llorca has advised Grupo Fomento Intersocietario (the seller of Gecoinsa) with a team formed by Nasif Hamed, corporate partner; Iciar de Lorenzo, corporate lawyer; Darío González-Campos, corporate lawyer and Alberto Juárez, corporate lawyer.

Pérez-Llorca team

Julia Gil