Inmaculada Muñoz,; Laia Folguera; Yune Dirube, and Lucía Segarra,

BDO Abogados appoints four new directors in Spain

BDO Abogados, the legal services firm, has appointed four new directors to strengthen its management structure in Spain: Inmaculada Muñoz, national director of the global mobility & immigration area of BDO Abogados; Laia Folguera, director of the restructuring and insolvency area of BDO Abogados in Barcelona; Yune Dirube, new director of restructuring of BDO Abogados in Madrid; and Lucía Segarra, director of the corporate area of BDO Abogados in Valencia

Inmaculada Muñoz

Inmaculada Muñoz has been appointed national director of the global mobility & immigration area of BDO Lawyers, with the aim of strengthening the team as she has a broad specialization in immigration law and international mobility and more than 20 years of experience in the sector.

Laia Folguera

Laia Folguera has been appointed head of the Restructuring and Insolvency area of BDO Lawyers in Barcelona to strengthen the area due to her economic-financial background in the field. Laia has more than 10 years of experience in restructuring processes and insolvency administrations.

Yune Dirube

Yune Dirube has been appointed director of BDO Abogados in Madrid to strengthen the Restructuring area of the Firm and ensure a complete vision of each case. Yune has more than 15 years of experience and until now was an associate in the litigation and insolvency department of BDO Abogados.

Lucía Segarra

Finally, Lucía Segarra has assumed the position of director of the Commercial area of BDO Abogados Valencia to continue with the Firm’s expansion project in the region, leading the area of mergers, acquisitions, national and international competition law and commercial law in general.

Enrique Azorín, president of BDO Lawyers in Spain has celebrated: “These appointments demonstrate the consolidation of BDO Lawyers in Spain as one of the main firms of reference thanks to the incorporation of talent and experience in our management team”.

Julia Gil