Diferencia Legal, a new Legal consultancy, is born

Gericó, Muro & Asociados has been rebranded as Diferencia Legal, a new Legal agency led by David Muro and Alfonso Everlet

Diferencia Legal is committed to make a difference, to be a different consultancy firm. In the words of its partners: “more human, closer and more sustainable.”

According to a statement from its partners, Diferencia Legal has more than 15 years of experience in Legal Marketing, Legal Communication and Business Development, both inside and outside law firms. David Muro, director of the Marketing, Communication and Business Development department of Ceca Magán for 13 years and consultant for another five years, joins forces with Alfonso Everlet, ex managing director of Gericó Associates and former El Mundo international consultant, with almost a decade of specialisation in the Legal sector.

About the origin of the new brand, Everlet stressed that: “We make a difference for our clients as a competitive advantage and we want to make a difference as a consultancy firm and as a team, as far as possible, a difference not only in the Legal sector but also in the world that we will leave to our sons and daughters.”

“We believe in difference because competing for the difference is competing for value. And competing for value is the only sustainable option. We also believe that it is time to do things differently. The world has changed, our clients’ clients have changed, and so have we, of course,” explained David Muro.

Diferencia Legal serves clients of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to large law firms. It maintains its alliances in the market both internationally and with partners specialising in the sale and purchase of law firms and digital transformation.

The new brand, which was recently approved by the Board of Partners, will be soon registered as such.

Desire Vidal