Cazorla assists AENOR with its entry into Cámara Certifica´s capital

Cazorla Abogados has guided the entry of AENOR into the Cámara Certifica´s share capital with a controlling position.

AENOR and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce have formalised AENOR’s entry into the share capital of the certification body Cámara Certifica, with a controlling position. The Madrid Chamber of Commerce, which until now owned 100% of this company, maintains its commitment to the entity, continuing in the capital with a significant percentage and with a relevant representation on the Board of Directors.

The operation presented today expresses the commitment of both partners to the continuity of the business of Cámara Certifica, which will maintain its own personality and positioning in the market. AENOR will promote the operation and management of the business operations, contributing its in-depth knowledge and experience in advanced solutions for this market, especially in the fields of technological and management systems for certification models. This will result in improvements in the provision of services that will facilitate the growth of Cámara Certifica on a national scale; focusing on small and micro-enterprises.

The president of AENOR, Carlos Esteban Portal, stated: “This operation is in line with the purpose and growth strategy of AENOR, aimed at making the generation of trust between organisations and people an element of competitiveness. Now, we are strengthening an entity that is aimed at promoting this value among small companies, with operating and pricing models adapted to their needs.”

Alfredo Berges Valdecantos, the current vice president of AENOR, who has been elected to the presidency of the Board of Directors of the company in its new stage, said: “Cámara Certifica plays a relevant role in the economic fabric of Madrid and Spain, which will be enhanced with the contribution of the best management and operational practices, with the aim of facilitating the growth of the company and improving its efficiency and profitability.” In addition, it has been agreed to appoint Rafael García Meiro as Chief Executive Officer, Luis Maria Cazorla Prieto as secretary of the Board and Luis Cazorla González-Serrano as deputy secretary of the Board. In addition to the Chairman and CEO, the Board of Directors is made up of Ángel Asensio Laguna, Alfonso Calderón Yebra and Luis Atienza Serna.

According to the press release, the empowerment of Cámara Certifica that now takes place does not imply any alteration in the relationship of the entity with its customers or with respect to the services they receive.

Cazorla Abogados´ team was led by managing partner Luis Cazorla (pictured) along with Corporate associate Lara Jimenez Hajduka (pictured right).

Desire Vidal