Blas A. González steers Petersen´s Insolvency against YPF

Blas A. González continues to lead PESA and PEISA´s Insolvency against Argentinian (51%) YPF´s, whose appeal against their Insolvency has just been dismissed

Spanish justice has positioned itself against the interests of Argentina and its oil company. Both have tried to dismantle the Insolvency procedure of Spanish Petersen Group´s Petersen Energía (PESA) and Petersen Energía Inversora (PEISA), which held 25% of the oil company’s shares before it was expropriated from Repsol in 2012.

But two different judges have now referred them to the Commercial courts. Weeks ago Argentina’s appeal was dismissed, and last week the same was done with YPF.

In Spain, legal advice is provided by various firms. Blas A. González is advising Petersen Group on the Insolvency legal matters, led by its managing partner and former Commercial Judge Blas Alberto González Navarro (pictured), who is designing the strategy for one of the biggest legal battles in the world.

Desire Vidal