Benfica hires Macedo to negotiate Jorge Jesus recruitment

Benfica Football Club has hired Bruno Macedo to deal with Jorge Jesús


Luis Filipe Vieira, Benfica’s president, decided sending Bruno Macedo to Rio de Janeiro to recruit Jorge Jesús (pictured) for the sport manager position at the Lisbon team. The lawyer became friend with the trainer when they were working together at the Braga Sporting Club in the past.

Bruno Macedo is now a very important agent in the football environment. He is the representative of the Iranian Kia Joorabchian, Willian, player at Chelsea, and David Luiz, of the Arsenal, among others. And Benfica’s president trust in his skills to convince Jorge Jesús for coming back to the team where he lived his great achievements as a coach.

Two weeks ago, after Benfica’s defeat by Santa Clara, the team already contacted Jorge Jesús in order to negotiate a coming back to the club where he was so successful in the past, but then the manager just had signed the contract removal with the Flamengo. But the uncertainty on the championships and leagues in South America due to COVID-19 might be the reason for a changing in Jorge Jesús decision. The manager states that the main goal for him is the Libertadores Cup, nowadays no one knows if it would be possible to play the championship.



Antonio Jimenez Morato