BDO records $12.8 millions in 2022

BDO has recorded a total of $12.8 millions in 2022, which represents a year-on-year growth of 12.8% more than 2021.

With regard to the number of employees, the firm has increased by 14.4%, which translates into a total of 111,305 professionals in 1,803 offices in 164 countries around the world.

In terms of business areas, audit and assurance services continue to be BDO’s main business areas, accounting for 42% of the total business. Tax and legal services, as well as advisory services, accounted for 22% of global revenue in 2022, while outsourcing services accounted for 14% of revenue.

By region, the Americas grew the most, with revenue growth of 14.5%. Specifically, in the US, BDO recorded growth of almost 25%. In Asia-Pacific, while most markets performed very well, China experienced temporarily flat growth due to the challenges posed by the healthcare crisis and the resulting restrictions.

In EMEA, especially in Europe, growth was affected by geopolitical conflicts. The spanish market performed positively, in line with previous years, and the UK and German markets recorded stable and solid growth.

Irina Wakstein