Auren sets up an expert centre in technology

Auren has created Auren HR & Tech, an Expert Centre to advise companies on the implementation of technological solutions in the field of people management.

Recruiting and retaining talent, automating routine processes, prioritising tasks, avoiding mistakes, making better decisions and improving the employee experience are some of the services offered by the use of technology in HR departments. Auren will assist companies in all phases of the process: from analysing the technological solutions available on the market, designing the strategy and implementing the solutions, analysing trends, to continuous monitoring to ensure the achievement of the objectives.

“Investing in digitally transforming a key core of companies such as people management is vital to avoid losing business competitiveness and to adapt in time to an environment in constant disruption”, said Javier Cantera, head of Auren’s people consulting division.

HR & Tech will be led by Enrique Escobar, an expert in technology consulting and business solutions, who has worked as a director in companies such as Deloitte, Talentia Software or Aston Group.