Cuatrecasas concludes three new editions of Shadowing Program

Cuatrecasas has recently held three new editions of its Shadowing Program at the Madrid and Barcelona offices. In these week-long encounters, Latin American associates who joined the firm in the last year share workspaces with their Spanish counterparts.

The meetings, which took place in September and October, are aimed at increasing the new associates’ knowledge about Cuatrecasas, facilitating their integration process and, at the same time, fostering networking between offices in different regions.

New associates from the Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru offices, together with their counterparts in Spain, tackled many exercises and activities focused on consolidating their immersion in the firm and gaining a better knowledge of it, always in support of their ongoing professional development.

During the encounters, the lawyers attended a series of sessions and panel discussions focused on an in-depth study of topics of great interest to the firm, including complex case reviews, new business challenges and opportunities, and work methodology.