Antas da Cunha ECIJA represents the affected by BES case

Antas da Cunha ECIJA has issued a press release after representing many of the associations damaged by Banco Espiritu Santo



Antas da Cunha ECIJA, representing many associations of damaged by Banco Espirito Santo as Portuguese Damaged Emigrant Movement Association (AMELP), Damaged Emigrants in Venezuela Association (ALEV), and Bank Clients Defense Association (ABESD) has issued a press release on the Public Prosecution’s end of investigation.

Antas da Cunha ECIJA’s partner Nuno Vieira da Silva (pictured) showed his content with the Public Ministry resolution: “It is with great satisfaction that six years after the resolution of Banco Espírito Santo, we now see the investigation finished, concluding the investigation concerning most of the facts, opening the way for the possibility of compensating our customers for damages , whether patrimonial or non-patrimonial, suffered by them.”

”We are fully aware that the prosecution reveals only part of the facts and that, consequently, new inquiries and investigations will take place, as it is possible to infer from the Attorney General’s Office statement,” added the partner.


Antonio Jimenez Morato