ADA represents Bilal Ould-Chick against Benfica

Almeida, Dias & Associados founding partner has represented Bilal Ould-Chick against the Benfica before TAS


Gonçalo Almeida (pictured), founding partner of Almeida, Dias & Associados , and former FIFA lawyer, has represented Dutch forward Bilal Ould-Chick on the claim against SL Benfica after the cancellation of the player’s contract in 2017, before TAS.

On September 2018, FIFA condemned Benfica to pay €3.1 million to the player after the rescission of the contract by the team. Bilal Ould-Chick arrived in the 2015-16 season and only played 12 games in the B team of the club. SL Benfica cancelled the contract based on “censurable sport and social behaviour.” Benfica appealed the sentence before TAS considering the cancellation was based on a just cause. The court decision was a compensation to the player of €1.55 million. 


Antonio Jimenez Morato