Young Andalusian Lawyers Convene in Granada

The Andalusian Federation of Young Lawyers (FADEJA), in collaboration with the Young Lawyers Group of Granada, held a meeting on February 23 and 24 to enhance training and exchange ideas within the collective. The Young Lawyers Group of the Granada Bar Association hosted the event, organized by the Andalusian Federation of Young Lawyers, in the city of Granada. The aim was to exchange views, propose improvements for the collective, foster interpersonal relationships among its members, and boost the training of novice attorneys.

During the event’s inauguration, Antonio Mir, Vice-Dean of the Granada Bar Association, highlighted the role of Young Lawyers in driving the new challenges of the legal profession and as an essential part of institutional advocacy. “The governing bodies of the bar associations draw from your ranks, so you are not only the present but also the future of the legal profession,” he emphasized. Guillermo Padilla, the Secretary of the Granada Bar Association, added, “Young Lawyers have done a lot for the profession, and examples like the I Congress of Young Lawyers held in 1980 in Granada or the one that took place here in 2012 demonstrate that young lawyers can make a difference, always hand in hand with their bar associations and without forgetting Deontology, the true dignity of the profession.”

FADEJA President, José Hermano, expressed gratitude to the Bar Association and the Young Lawyers Group of Granada for their support and willingness to host this event. María Ruz, the president of the latter group, emphasized the importance of unity and involvement within Young Lawyers to discuss and agree on projects or ideas. “Andalusia is a very important region, and we must unite and present our demands,” she stated.

Over the course of two days, attendees had the opportunity to enhance their professional skills through two training sessions. Magistrate María José Rivas Velasco from the Provincial Court of Almería presented the young Andalusian lawyers with technological updates in the judicial process following the Royal Decree-law 6/2023, of December 19.

As part of the meeting, framed within the celebration of the Plenary Session of the Andalusian Federation of Young Lawyers for the first quarter of 2024, FADEJA representatives (comprising the eleven young lawyers’ groups in the autonomous community) also received reports from the treasurer and the president for this period. They established the venue and date for the next meeting and discussed the Federation’s position regarding its relationship with the Spanish Confederation of Young Lawyers (CEAJ), deciding to withdraw FADEJA from the latter.

Alongside these discussions, the Young Andalusian Lawyers Meeting, sponsored by Mediterránea Broker with the collaboration of Banco Santander, also featured activities for leisure and networking, providing opportunities to strengthen bonds within the professional community.