The dynamic in-house market

Iberian Lawyer presents the results of the Report on the in-house legal market and salary guide Spain 2023, carried out by the headhunter firm, Taylor Root, with Nicoletta Ravida, head of Southern Europe.

by Julia Gil

In the current Spanish market there are 33,924 in-house lawyers. And, in fact, the movement of lawyers from law firms to in-house counsel continues to be an upward trend. From lawyer to in-house. Neither the war in Ukraine with its effects, nor inflation rates, nor the economic slowdown in 2023, have caused this recruitment market to reduce its activity. Iberian Lawyer presents the conclusions of the Report on the in-house legal market and salary guide Spain 2023 carried out by, the headhunter firm Taylor Root and the predictions for 2024, by its head of Southern Europe, Nicoletta Ravida.


As we anticipated, neither the war in Ukraine with its effects, inflation rates or the economic slowdown in 2023, has affected the dynamism of the domestic legal market.

Over the past year, 807 in-house lawyers changed jobs, including promotions. Most of these moves were in middle to junior level positions, which is due, as Nicoletta Ravida rightly explains, to two factors “one, because there is more supply of counsel than general counsels”. And two, because the labor market in 2023 has been much more active in middle to junior level positions”.

Although we see more movements in middle positions, 8% of the 1336 general counsels, group general counsels or chief legal officer, changed jobs in the last 12 months.

This dynamism, in the search for internal jobs, is particularly noticeable in the Spanish capital.  According to this study, it is home to the headquarters of the main companies and law firms. Madrid has the vast majority of job offers in the legal sector and the talent pool shows this.

Another advantage is the greater gender diversity seen in the sector. According to the Taylor Root report, 62% of the positions with less experience were held by women and 38% by men. While in the positions of general counsel, group general counsel and chief legal officer there has been a predominance of men (56%) compared to women (44%).


Julia Gil