WLW launches guide on COVID-19 main legal consequences

Women in a Legal World network has launched a complete guide on the main legal consequences of the measures taken in the wake of the health crisis caused by covid-19


There are 15 sections and a foreword by Marlén Estévez (pictured), president of Women in a Legal World. “Given these exceptional circumstances, which are unprecedented in our country, we at Women in a Legal World (WLW) want you to have the most up-to-date information and all the legal tools necessary to help you face this situation,” introduces Estévez.

The guide gathers the participation of WLW legal expert partners in the areas of Civil, Commercial, Procedural, Administrative, Labour, Fiscal, Bankruptcy, Intellectual Property, Competition, Tax, Registration, etc., considered as the areas that have been most affected by this health crisis.

Desire Vidal