WLW celebrates the 5th Edition of the WLW Awards

In its 5th edition, the Women in a Legal World Awards (WLW) celebrated the outstanding achievements of women and organizations in the legal sector. Margarita Mariscal, Carmen Calvo, Bisila Bokoko, the Ampara Association, and the Office of the Ombudsman were among the recipients of the highest honors.

Margarita Mariscal was awarded the Prize of Honor for her groundbreaking contributions to the legal profession. As the first woman to be appointed Minister of Justice in a predominantly male world, Mariscal has paved the way for gender equality in the legal sector. Her extensive career as a politician, magistrate, and lawyer exemplifies dedication and excellence.

Carmen Calvo, recognized as Woman of the Year, has made significant strides in constitutional law, academia, and politics. With a doctorate in Constitutional Law, Calvo has held prominent positions within the Spanish government, including Vice President and Minister of the Presidency. Her advocacy for feminism and equality has left an indelible mark on Spanish society.

Bisila Bokoko received the Values Award for her outstanding achievements as a lawyer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Born in Valencia, Bokoko is the founder and CEO of BBES, a New York-based business development agency. Her philanthropic endeavors, particularly in promoting literacy in Africa, demonstrate a commitment to social impact.

The Ampara Association was honored with the Equality Award for its dedication to supporting marginalized individuals, particularly within the prison system. For over 20 years, the association has provided assistance to men, women, and children at risk of social exclusion, with a network of over 200 volunteers.

Lastly, the Office of the Ombudsman was recognized with the Sustainable Justice Award for its role as the National Human Rights Institution in Spain. By promoting human rights and providing independent oversight, the Office of the Ombudsman contributes to the sustainability of justice and democracy in Spain.

The Women in a Legal World Awards, association chaired by Marlen Estévez (pictured), aim to recognize the achievements of women and organizations that have contributed to a more just and equitable society. In a world where polarization and misinformation prevail, these awards serve as a beacon of hope, highlighting the importance of leadership, integrity, and social responsibility in the legal profession and beyond.