Pérez-Llorca Advises Royal Caribbean on Port of Barcelona’s Terminal G Project

The Port of Barcelona has awarded Royal Caribbean and another company the construction and operation of the latest cruise infrastructure, Terminal G, with an investment of 85 million euros.

While the awarding process was delayed, Royal Caribbean Group and Cruise Terminals International, CTI, have ultimately been selected to undertake the construction and operation of the future Terminal G cruise at the Adossat pier. The board of directors of the Port of Barcelona approved Catalonia Cruise Terminal G (a joint venture of the two companies) to proceed with the project on Wednesday, as no further candidates had submitted bids. It is worth noting that the port suspended its initial tender attempt a year ago after three aspiring cruise lines (jointly) appealed the competition to the TSJC. The process resumed a few months ago and has now reached its final conclusion.

According to the port, Catalonia Cruise Terminal G will invest over 85 million euros to have the new terminal operational by spring 2027. This will replace the closure of the south terminal of the World Trade Center scheduled for 2026. Thus, the agreement signed with the city council to limit the terminals to seven, all concentrated at Adossat and further away from the urban center, will be maintained.

Pérez-Llorca has advises Royal Caribbean on this transaction. The team was composed by partners Iván Delgado (pictured left), Elena Veleiro (pictured centre), and Pablo Figueroa (pictured right), as well as lawyers Ángel Martín, Cristina Caínzos, Jorge Flores, Juan García Herrera, Ane Corrales, and Julia Böhme.