Various law firms advise on the sale of a majority stake in Zumex Group

Zumex, a world leader in fruit and vegetable juicing technologies, has signed a strategic alliance with the investment fund Columna Capital to accelerate its international growth and increase its penetration in key markets. Columna Capital will become Zumex’s first institutional investor and majority shareholder and will work alongside founder Victor Bertolin.

Zumex is considered a global market leader in terms of size, diversification, product portfolio and innovation capacity. In fact, Zumex is the only independent company of significant size left in the industry on a global scale.

Founded in 1985, Zumex has consolidated its position as a world leader by developing and marketing a wide range of premium technologies for the foodservice and retail segments in more than 100 countries worldwide. The company specializes in solutions that provide freshly squeezed natural orange juice as an alternative to other less healthy beverages. “The partnership with Columna Capital represents the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Zumex, as the company will benefit from Columna’s strong financial backing, entrepreneurial culture and extensive experience in growth projects,” said Victor Bertolin, founder of the company, who added that “this strategic alliance will accelerate our expansion plans, strengthen our operational excellence, increase our ability to tackle more ambitious projects and take advantage of new growth opportunities globally.”

The entry of Columna Capital will bring momentum to the 5-year strategic business plan focused on international expansion, increased penetration in existing markets and greater focus on the retail market. “The plan will include the consolidation of the leadership position in the retail market, the launch of the new generation of juicers, operational excellence and a clear focus on keeping the customer at the center, which will allow us to better respond to the needs of the market,” said the head of Zumex.

The advisors of Columna Capital have been; Cases & Lacambra has been the legal advisor, Ecija has advised on the competition law aspects, KPMG and Grau & Angulo have carried out the due diligence for Columna Capital. Zumex has been advised by Borso Abogados.

Cases & Lacambra has acted as legal advisor to Columna Capital in the transaction, led by partner Bojan Radovanovic.

Ecija has advised on the competition law aspects with Patricia Liñan, partner EU antitrust.

KPMG lawyers has advised in the tax, legal and labor areas, performing the due diligences of the company and in the preparation and negotiation of the tax, legal and labor clauses of the purchase and sale agreement. The tax team involved in the transaction was led by Jose Ignacio Gonzalez del Castillo (director) and Sandra Figuerido (senior manager), with the participation of Cecilia Canosa and Sandra Cámara. The labor team involved in the transaction was led by Francisco Fernández (partner) and Guillermo Alonso (senior manager), with the participation of Sofía Pueyo. Likewise, the commercial team that has collaborated in the transaction was led by Maitane de la Peña (director), with the participation of Borja Marqués (senior manager) and Esperanza Barragán (associate).

Grau & Angulo have performed the due diligence for Columna Capital in patent rights and intellectual property advice. The team has been formed by Jesus Arribas (partner) and Yvonne Sastre (lawyer).

Borso Abogados as been the legal advisor to Zumex. The team has been composed by Juan Manuel Borso di Carminati (partner), Sara Rodriguez Marí (lawyer) and Leticia Minero Macías (senior tax advisor)

Julia Gil