Thomás de Carranza Abogados advises on the integration of Unión Andina and Viventa

Thomás de Carranza Abogados has advised on the integration of Unión Andina and Viventa to create the holding Viventa International Group.

The Spanish company Unión Andina and the U.S. company Viventa have reached an agreement to integrate their real estate and financial services activities for Ibero-American clients living in Europe and the U.S. into a new company, Viventa International Group, which will be the parent company of both companies and will be based in Spain.

The legal advice has been provided by the law firm Thomás de Carranza, whose partners Cristina Simón and Santiago Thomás de Carranza will be the secretary and vice-secretary of the Board of Directors of Viventa International Group.

Both Viventa, a U.S. company based in the State of Florida, and the Spanish company Unión Andina are companies whose activity is focused on facilitating the acquisition of homes for Latin American immigrants in Colombia and Ecuador.

Both companies, now integrated into the parent company Viventa International Group, offer their clients brokerage, financing and real estate purchase services in their countries of origin.

The advisory process has been led by the firm’s partner lawyers, Santiago Thomás de Carranza and Cristina Simón.

Julia Gil