DAS Seguros launches onLygal

DAS Seguros, the insurance company specializing in legal protection and services, has introduced its new corporate identity and strategic initiatives under the brand onLygal. This marks the initiation of a transformative process as the company aspires to become the leading entity in legal solutions in Spain.

With over 65 years of experience safeguarding the legal interests of more than 3.5 million clients, both direct and indirect, DAS Seguros, a company specialising in legal protection insurance and legal services that has been acquired by Grupo Mutua Propietarios, evolves to provide individuals and businesses with the legal solutions they need in their day-to-day lives, both personally and professionally.

“At onLygal, active listening to our clients’ needs and innovation will continue to be part of our DNA,” explained Luis Cuervo (pictured), CEO of onLygal, during the brand’s unveiling event in Barcelona. “Our spirit of constant change has precisely driven us to take a qualitative leap in our business model, aiming to reinforce our unique value proposition and enhance the customer experience in those touchpoints where proximity and agility are crucial,” added Cuervo.

onLygal’s strategic lines for the coming years focus on consolidating the company to improve the quality of service offered to clients and intermediaries. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on reinforcing innovation in insurance and services as an essential axis for continued growth and leadership in the legal solutions market.

The new onLygal brand is characterized by its values of problem solver, specialist, and experienced, offering solutions that go beyond to meet the real needs of its clients, all while maintaining a commitment to sustainability across environmental, social, and governance pillars.