The Law Society of Malaga presents the Military Law and Security Section

Today, the Malaga Bar Association presented the Military Law and Security Section. The presentation ceremony was attended by the General Counselor of the Military Legal Corps, Emilio Fernández-Piñeyro and Hernández, Technical Secretary General of the Ministry of Defence.

The event was attended by authorities such as Eduardo Llorente Erroz, Deputy Delegate of Defence in Malaga, Jorge Asensio Bergés, second Naval Commander; Oscar Sánchez-Torija Gutierrez, senior non-commissioned officer of the Malaga Air Base; Fernando Sánchez Piedrafita, chief commissioner of the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade; Juan Antonio Medina Ferrer, chief intendant of the Malaga Local Police; Francisco Ramón Cobos Castro, lieutenant colonel chief of the Civil Guard Personnel.

“The aim of this section is to create a space for debate that facilitates knowledge of modern military law and the study of legal issues that concern members of the armed forces, civil guard and security corps, promoting the culture of defence and national security for the benefit of society,” said the dean, Salvador González Martín.

Irina Wakstein