Portugal’s Top 20 Lawyers of 2022

by michael heron

These are the 20 lawyers who have stand out in the Portuguese legal sector, according to Iberian Lawyer. Their names are listed in alphabetical order, along with the reasons as to why they have been selected. Narrowing the list down to just 20 was never going to be a simple task. There are undoubtedly emblematic names missing, there is no hiding away from this fact. All of these 20, however, are here on merit.

It is important to highlight that this is not a league table. But as 2022 begins to draw to a close, and Q4 gains traction, the editorial team felt it was an opportune time to pause for reflection and remind the market as to which of its players have contributed the most this year.

In the spirit of transparency, Iberian Lawyer has chosen to use four main criteria in its selection; track record, leadership, popularity and career.

Track record refers to the main activities of which these professionals have successfully handled the legal direction in the last 12 months, in other words, their ability as rainmakers to generate substantial amounts of business within the law firm. From large operations (mergers and acquisitions, quotations, bond issues, securitisations and restructurings) that have changed the Portuguese footprint abroad to partnerships, projects and disputes.

Leadership, whether as the head of a law firm or a team, this criterion highlights their work and quality. The success of their organisation, the implementation of technology, or beneficial transformations for the firms or profession were all considered. We also valued the commitment to increased innovation or inclusion in the legal market.

Popularity refers to the prestige that the selected lawyers have earned among (in-house counsel, business lawyers, head hunters, etc.). Visibility has transformed these already remarkable professionals into authoritative and recognised “influencers” and trend setters.

And, last but not least, their career. A successful career path is the thread that connects all these lawyers listed below.

The following selection is therefore the result of careful reflection on all these criteria and ranks business lawyers based on their positioning on individual aspects in the last year, according to the observation of Iberian Lawyer.