Taylor Wessing rumored to be opening in Iberia with Ecija

Taylor Wessing, headquartered in London, rumored to have expanded to Iberia with Ecija, the law firm led by Hugo Ecija (pictured left).

Ecija is ranked 17th in the turnover ranking, with a turnover of 43.6 million euros in Spain.

Taylor Wessing, which has more than 1,000 lawyers, 350 quota partners, spread across 29 offices in 17 different jurisdictions, is ranked in the Top 25 for turnover in a market as competitive as the international one. Globally, the firm earned £420.6 million in the last financial year, 13% more than in the previous financial year.

The international firm stands out in practices such as technology, media and telecommunications (TMT); real estate; and private wealth management, Ecija’s strongest areas. In addition, both firms share the swiss verein management model, a decentralised corporate structure, which is incorporated under Swiss law in which its members have their own legal personality and full economic and financial independence.

If the deal is confirmed, the firm would add Spain to its jurisdiction as, for the time being, Taylor Wessing has offices in Austria (Vienna), Belgium (Brussels), China (Shanghai and Beijing), Czech Republic (Prague and Brno), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich), Germany (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich) and Switzerland, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich), Hong Kong, Hungary (Budapest), Poland (Warsaw), the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Eindhoven), Ireland (Dublin), Slovakia (Bratislava), the UK (London, Cambridge and Liverpool), Ukraine (Kiev), the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and the US (New York and Silicon Valley).

Taylor’s latest acquisitions include the opening of its office in September 2021 in Ireland and in 2018 it opened its fourth UK office in Liverpool.

Irina Wakstein