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In Search of Excellence

Twenty-five years ago Emilio Cuatrecasas developed a business plan which he is still following today. He tells Iberian Lawyer how this transformed a small family practice into one of the largest Iberian law firms.


Iberian Lawyers Target US and UK

A survey of the Group of Experts, Iberian Lawyer’s new think-tank for leading lawyers within Spain and Portugal, reveals that the US and UK are regarded as their most important markets, although the Far East and China are gaining in importance.


Merrill-Lynch España: The View From The 40th Floor

From his 40th floor office in Madrid’s Torre Picasso, Joaquín Calderón can see the Real Madrid’s famous Bernabeu stadium. But his busy schedule as General Counsel at one of the world’s largest investment banks means that he has been unable to watch a game. His office also gives him a bird’s eye view on the […]