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Elzaburu named honorary partner

Elzaburu has named, Antonio Castán, honorary partner. After his retired the firm has taken this decision so that he can at least maintain a testimonial or symbolic link. After 37 years of professional practice, the last 25 as a partner of the firm, Antonio Castán has been forced to retire due to an irreversible eye […]


Ana Donate and Carlos Morán new partners of Elzaburu

Elzaburu has appointed Ana Donate and Carlos Morán as new partners of Elzaburu, a firm in which both were already associate partners. Ana Donate has a law degree from the University of Madrid and joined the firm in 1998 after several years in an international law firm. She is an industrial property attorney, european trademark […]


Elzaburu appoints Alfonso Diez de Rivera as its new president

Elzaburu has appointed the lawyer and industrial property agent, Alfonso Diez de Rivera (pictured centre), as the new president of the firm. He and his predecessor are brothers and descendants of the family that founded the firm more than 150 years ago. The changeover is part of a planned process of alternation of functions and […]


Elzaburu is committed to innovation in the protection of intangible

In the current context of uncertainty and instability, the VUCA concept makes more sense than ever to recognize the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment that companies are currently facing, where any business decision must have considering different scenarios. At this time, it is especially relevant to protect intangible assets since they are key aspects […]