SRS marks 30 years with re-brand

SRS has celebrated its 30th anniversary and renewed its image. It is now called SRS Legal and it’s new brand signature is: “About Law. Around People”. A spokesperson said that this was, “in line with the global presence of the firm, which is present on four continents, in eight locations (outside Portugal, where it is present in Lisbon, Porto and Madeira) and with ten desks. The new image values what was built over these 30 years and projects the firm towards a future full of challenges and achievements.”

Inspired by the people who, over time, have contributed valuable solutions to the evolution of the brand, this rebranding project aims to position SRS Legal as a firm that goes beyond a group of successful lawyers.

The graphic identity and signature are inspired by circularity and the colours convey a culture of Heritage, Solidity and Innovation.  

The new SRS values are based on Agility, Empathy, Innovation and Sustainability: Agility in the processes and way of being; Empathy in human connections – even in an increasingly technological world; Innovation in the way of thinking differently and with ambition; Sustainability because ESG policies are a priority towards a more conscious future.

The evolution of the brand comprises a more contemporary universe, in which the proximity and humanity factor gains favour, based on the premise that the recognition achieved by the previous brand are preserved by the acronym, name, rhythm and sound. A more comprehensive name, which demonstrates much more than a function.

The signature “About Law. Around People.” reinforces the path of competence and professionalism, but also the people, society’s greatest asset, who bring out the firm’s best on a daily basis.

Michael Heron