Sérvulo advises on creation of new Arbitration Center in Madeira

Sérvulo has advised ACIF-CCIM (Funchal Chamber of Commerce and Industry) on the creation of the new Madeira Arbitration Center.  

Professor Sérvulo Correia will present today the new Madeira Arbitration center at the ceremony that will take place at the Assembly Hall of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, in a joint organisation by ACIF, Sérvulo, and the Regional Council of the Bar Association. The new center will operate at the headquarters of ACIF-CCIM in Funchal and is set to be presented on June 23 at the Assembly Hall of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira. 

It will have the authority to administer institutionalised voluntary arbitrations in any matters not excluded by law, aiming to resolve general, public, private, domestic, or international disputes.  

With this measure, the Ministry of Justice strengthens alternative means of dispute resolution, particularly the role of institutionalised arbitration centers in resolving administrative conflicts.  

The team from Sérvulo advising on this deal was formed by, (pictured from left to right), Nuno Teixeira, Francisca Mendes da Costa and Mark Kirkby.

Irina Wakstein