Sérvulo confirms new managing partner

Manuel Magalhães has been confirmed as the new managing partner of Sérvulo & Associados. Paulo Câmara, the current managing partner, will continue to serve on the board of directors.

“It is with great pride and a sense of responsibility that I assume this commitment, supported and shared with my partners. It is with enthusiasm and determination that I embrace this challenge of continuing a path of success, based on a commitment to excellence and corporate cohesion,” said Manuel Magalhães, adding that: “we will continue to look to the future and to develop the values ​​that made Sérvulo a benchmark in Portuguese law.”

Recognised by the main international directories as a “key figure” in the Portuguese market, Manuel Magalhães has already had a 20-year career leading some of the most emblematic operations that took place in the national market, in the areas of Finance and Governance, Restructuring and Insolvency, Real Estate, Tourism and Urbanism. The lawyer has been a partner at Sérvulo since 2011.

Managing partner of Sérvulo since 2014, Paulo Câmara, leaves a leadership mark based on his ability to anticipate challenges and project the future based on a strategic vision. Over the last few years, Paulo Câmara has been a driving force behind the firm’s internationalisation process, leading reference projects in the scope of corporate governance and financial regulation, in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Cabo Verde.

“This is excellent news for Sérvulo. On the one hand, due to the attributes of the new managing partner, who has always been recognised internally and externally for his ability, strategic vision and ethical sense of the firm’s activity. On the other hand, I emphasise the prepared way in which the transition was structured. It is essential that there is a path of periodic renewal in the leadership of organisations,” said Paulo Câmara.

Paulo Câmara will continue his duties on the board of directors, in particular, in the co-leadership of the Finance & Governance Department and in the coordination of the firm’s ESG projects.

Manuel Magalhães will officially start in his new role on September 1, 2022.

Michael Heron