Selier announces new Labour service area

Selier Abogados has created ‘SAC’, a service to help companies adapt their contracts to the Labour Reform

pjimage 2022 02 24T100943.024Selier Abogados has announced the creation of the new Adapta Contratación Service (SAC). The objective is to help companies adapt to new developments in contracting, that the 2022 Labor Reform has brought with it.

Specifically, through SAC, Selier Abogados makes available to all its clients a complete temporary contract analysis service, in order to identify risks and propose solutions to configure a new contracting strategy. This service is complemented by the study, request, management and monitoring of subsidies for the promotion of indefinite contracts.

Likewise, the assumptions of discontinuous permanent hiring are identified and companies are helped to establish objective and formal criteria for calling discontinuous permanent personnel. In addition, Atisa is responsible for managing the monitoring of incidents and reporting to the company, when this contracting modality is required.

“In our DNA is to serve as help and accompaniment, ally and support to our clients. We believe in training as a formula to always keep you up to date and achieve the best results, interpreting the law in a close and direct way. This new service is completed with specific training in hiring for the HR area of ​​each company. We also want to prepare companies for their most immediate future,” says Silvia Palacios, managing partner of the Labour Area at Selier Abogados.

Among the main benefits of having a SAC are not only correct regulatory compliance, with entry into force on March 30, 2022, but also the possibility of avoiding penalties of between 1,000 and 10,000 euros for each temporary contract formalised in fraud of law.

This service, shared between Selier Abogados and Atisa, offers companies complete coverage for their adaptation needs in terms of contracting, both in the legal and administrative spheres, offering preventive advice and focused on making strategic decisions looking to the future.

Michael Heron