RocaJunyent unveils its new corporate image

The new Roca Junyent´s logo unites the surnames of the founding partner and turns them into a brand

Coinciding with this new stage of projection and the 25th anniversary of the firm, RocaJunyent presents its new corporate image, which evolves from the potential of the name that has made it strong. The new corporate image, simple, professional and clean, aims to be the standard-bearer for the new times the company is going through.

RocaJunyent has presented a new corporate image that reflects the evolution of the firm in recent years to consolidate itself as an agile, flexible, rigorous and highly specialised law firm, with a strategy clearly focused on client service. The new corporate image combines simplicity and professionalism and aims to be the standard-bearer for the new times in which the firm is living. RocaJunyent was founded in 1996 by Miquel Roca Junyent, chairman of the firm, together with other partners.

It is currently led by Joan Roca Sagarra, current executive chairman, with a team of 43 partners and more than 120 lawyers. After a generational handover process, which has coincided in time with the profound transformation that the legal sector has been undergoing for years, RocaJunyent is today a firm capable of facing the new challenges posed by society, such as digitalisation, sustainability and adaptability to change.

In order to associate the name with a firm and a group of legal professionals, the graphic proposal of the logo evolves the surnames Roca Junyent from the union and the line. The union expresses the group and cohesion. The strong line expresses rigour and confidence. The lower case letters express human dimension and proximity. Finally, the choice of colour, black and white, confers personality, elegance and character to the brand while giving it infinite possibilities on a graphic level.

The redesign of the RocaJunyent brand was carried out by Mario Eskenazi Studio and Berta Roca & Co.

Desire Vidal