Pinto Ribeiro’s partner and Cuatrecasas’ counsel elected for the Superior Council of Magistracy

Pinto Ribeiro’s partner André Miranda and Cuatrecasas’ counsel Telma Carvalho have been elected new members of the Portuguese Superior Council of Magistracy


The Superior Council of Magistracy is the State body, which, under the terms of the Constitution, is responsible for appointing, placing, transferring and promoting judges of the Judicial Courts, as well as exercising disciplinary action over them. The plenary session of the Superior Council of Magistracy is composed of 17 members, 7 of whom are elected by the Assembly of the Republic.

Pinto Ribeiro Advogados founding partner André Miranda (pictured left) was elected by the Assembly of the Republic as an effective member of the Superior Council of Magistracy. At Pinto Ribeiro he is responsible for the coordination of Public and Regulatory areas, especially in the Energy, Real Estate, Transport and Health sectors. He has a diverse legal practice with an emphasis on strategic advice to national and international individual clients on various areas of law.

Cuatrecasas Corporate and Commercial counsel Telma Carvalho (pictured right) became an associate in 2002 and since 2019 occupies the counsel position in the firm. She has a huge experience in Mergers and Acquisitions.

Antonio Jimenez Morato