pbbr advises SCIF SEF

pbbr has advised the Union for the Investigation and Inspection Career (SCIF) of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), on an injunction filed with the Supreme Administrative Court

pjimage 2021 07 01T135405.079pbbr has advised the SCIF and SEF on the injunction filed with the Supreme Administrative Court against the Council of Ministers, aimed at suspending the effects of Council of Ministers Resolution no. 2021, which intended to terminate the SEF.

The lawyers involved from pbbr were partners Tania Ferreira Osório (pictured left) from the Public Law area and associate Joana Magalhães e Silva (pictured right).

The resolution of the Council of Ministers determines which powers of a police nature of the SEF will be transferred to the National Republican Guard, Public Security Police and Judiciary Police, as well as the powers that will be transferred to the Institute of Registries and Notaries.

Tania Ferreira Osório said: “Considering the decision taken by the Ministers Council to extinguish the SEF through a governmental regulation, the SCIF-SEF has decided to submit a judicial process to suspend its effects. This decision of the Ministers Council is having a negative impact on the SEF’s criminal investigation and its credibility towards Portuguese citizens. We hope that the Portuguese Government understands that this extinction manifestly violates the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.” 

Michael Heron