Pais de Vasconcelos & Associados joins law firm in Brazil

The Portuguese firm Pais de Vasconcelos & Associados has established a partnership with the Brazilian firm Estevez Advogados, in order to strengthen its specialized practice in Commercial law


“This Luso-Brazilian partnership of Pais de Vasconcelos with Estevez is born, on the one hand, from the link between the two countries and their legal systems and, on the other hand, from the need felt by the market for the existence of a highly specialized cross-border team in Commercial law”, says Pedro Paes de Vasconcelos (pictured), partner of Pais de Vasconcelos & Associados.

For the partner, both firms rely on “lawyers who combine an enormous practical knowledge and an enormous scientific knowledge, derived from several years of teaching commercial law. We are very pleased with the possibility of this alliance and of being able to count on our new partners for a greater and continuous development of Commercial law in both countries.”


Patricia cardoso