Mónica Sastre launches legal boutique

Mónica Sastre has founded her own legal boutique: Sastre Beceiro Abogados

pjimage 2022 03 23T091606.705After more than 30 years practicing law, Mónica Sastre, specialised in Water and Environmental Law, has announced the launch of her legal boutique: Sastre Beceiro Abogados.

As the lawyer explains, what has driven the founding of her own professional project is to continue working to help her clients “in the face of the various conflicts that have always existed in Spain and that have been accentuated in recent years. Water is essential and scarce for the different uses required: supply, agriculture, hydroelectric energy production and hydrogen production, which makes having quality legal advice essential”.

Sastre Beceiro has worked for more than 30 years at the firm Ariño y Villar Abogados. In addition, she has a Doctorate in Law, cum laude, since 2001, and completed a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management (ICADE) and another specialised in Environmental Law from the University of the Basque Country.

She is a Member of the Board of Directors of the International Water Resources Association (IWRA), the Association of Users of the Madrid Aquifer (AUMA) and is an honorary lawyer of the National Federation of the Irrigation Community (FENACORE).

The Sastre Beceiro Abogados team is also made up of the partner Javier de Ahumada, Doctor of Law and lawyer specialising in the liability of Public Administrations; sanctions regime; public procurement; professional associations and Competition Law. For his part, José Manuel Rivas Rodríguez, as Of Counsel, has extensive experience as head of projects and installations in the water sector with great technical knowledge.

“We are a legal team with extensive experience and we have external technical collaborators of the highest level to offer the best service to our clients,” says the founding partner of the firm, Mónica Sastre.

Michael Heron