Monereo Meyer Abogados adds Stefan Meyer as new Managing Partner

Stefan Meyer, New Managing Partner of Monereo Meyer Abogados

Stefan Meyer 3 1Stefan Meyer is the new Managing Partner of Monereo Meyer Abogados as from the 1st of January. The decision to choose the co-founder of the firm as the new managing partner was made during the last annual partners’ meeting, where Meyer substituted partner Sonia Gumpert in the position. Previously Stefan Meyer had formed part of the board of directors which led the firm until 2011. In 2012 the partners’ meeting decided that the firm’s management would be led by one managing partner.      

Stefan Meyer states: “I very much appreciate that my fellow partners have entrusted me with the reins of the firm that I founded with Andrés Monereo more than 30 years ago. My objective during the upcoming months is to continue the fantastic work performed by my two predecessors, Sonia Gumpert (2017-2020) and Antonio Jiménez Abraham (2012–2016), in terms of technological modernisation, human resources policies and new lines of business. Additionally, my plans include reinforcing the reputation and strength of our German Desk, as well as promoting our alliances with the US firm Harris Bricken and with Cross Border Business Lawyers (CBBL), the first and only worldwide network of German-speaking lawyers.  All of this will be with a view to continuing to provide the best possible legal advice to our solid portfolio of clients.” Meyer adds that “it is a great challenge to take this responsibility on in such a complicated economic environment as we are currently experiencing, but this time is also full of opportunities and challenges to resolve for our clients. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful team of professionals, including lawyers, tax consultants, management and administration.”

After studying law at the University of Freiburg (Germany), Stefan Meyer had his degree recognised in Spain in 1989 and initiated that same year his professional career as a lawyer in Spain. For many years now, Meyer has specialised in providing advice mainly to institutional investors, developers and foreign banking entities in their transactions and projects in Spain. He is a promotor, co-founder and board member of CBBL Cross Border Business Lawyers, the leading global network of high-ranking intercultural law firms, located on the five continents, which offer legal advice to German companies and banks with business abroad.

Meyer is a member of the board at various German companies with establishments in Spain. He speaks German, Spanish and English.