MAIO Legal integrates SMCA and lands in Portugal

MAIO Legal has announced the integration with the Portuguese firm SMCA on its landing in Portugal

MAIOMAIO Legal has announced the integration with the Portuguese firm SOUSA PINTO, MORAIS CARDOSO & ASSOCIADOS (SMCA), on its landing in Portugal, as part of the Strategic Plan for growth and internationalisation of the firm, which already has two other offices in Mexico, as well as a China Desk and an Italian Desk.

spokesperson from the firm said: “The integration responds to the growing interest of the firm’s clients in carrying out activities in a country that has already shown to be immersed in an ambitious growth process and which has notable prospects in areas such as foreign financing, business investment and job creation.”

The objective of this expansion will be to accompany the growing number of Spanish companies with interests in Portugal, as well as to cover the local needs of Portuguese companies and their outbound activities.

With the incorporation of the team of professionals in Portugal, the firm now has more than 80 lawyers in Spain, Mexico and Portugal, of which 28 are partners.