JPAB strengthens with two new partners

Frederico Moura Pinheiro and Liliana Borges da Costa have been announced as the two new partners at JPAB, in the areas of litigation and real estate, respectively.

Frederico Moura Pinheiro has been with JPAB since 2018, where he has been developing his activity in supporting companies, particularly in the prevention of disputes and in litigation. His main areas of activity are the pharmaceutical, insurance and real estate management sectors.

Previously, Frederico had been a lawyer at Ulrich, Severien e Associados and was legal director at the Grão-Pará Group. Frederico Moura Pinheiro was, for seven years, a member of the Board of Directors of the Portugal Israel Chamber of Commerce.

Liliana Borges da Costa, with a 20-year career, has practiced law, to date, as a liberal professional and in her generalist aspect, with private clients and companies. She will integrate the Civil and Real Estate area of ​​JPAB.

The new partner graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto and has a Postgraduate Degree in Contract Law (2003-2004), from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Porto).

A spokesperson from JPAB said that, “the policy of development and growth of its team, through the appreciation and retention of talent, reinforce the culture of commitment and excellence of society towards its clients.”

Michael Heron