JPAB consultant lawyer joins BdP

Marisa Silva Monteiro has been invited to join the Euro Digital Market Contact Group at Banco de Portugal

pjimage 2022 04 27T122312.530Marisa Silva Monteiro, coordinator of Finance & Guarantees at José Pedro Aguiar-Branco Advogados, “JPAB”, was invited by Banco de Portugal, to join the market contact group, that the Institution has just created to discuss the digital euro.

Banco de Portugal intends for this group and that it “contributes to obtaining the vision of different players in society, regarding the options for the design and distribution of a digital euro, its potential, and the opportunities that its introduction could bring to the different agents and sectors of activity in the national payments market,” said a spokesperson.

The members of the Euro Digital Market Contact Group were selected by Banco de Portugal “based on their professional experience and connection to the financial system.”

JPAB’s lawyer and consultant, Marisa Silva Monteiro, is specialised in the areas of finance, banking and guarantees and assists international banks, financial institutions, companies and investment funds in different matters such as procedures, audits of contractual models and legislative compliance.

Michael Heron