João Pedro Matos Fernandes joins Knowledge Institute at Abreu Advogados

The Knowledge Institute has announced the integration of João Pedro Matos Fernandes, as senior advisor for the areas of energy and environment, continuing the pioneering work of this Institute in research and promotion of knowledge in current issues such as ESG and energy transition.

The hiring is part of the Knowledge Institute’s growth strategy for the key areas of the economy today, through the integration of highly reputed specialists who will lead thematic research clusters, allowing the Knowledge Institute to assert itself as a major player in the dissemination of new trends and knowledge production.

For Luís Barreto Xavier, president of the Knowledge Institute at Abreu Advogados, “This integration is a milestone in the history of the Institute which has thus reinforced its capacity and relevance in one of today’s most important areas. João Pedro Matos Fernandes has a unique curriculum and vast knowledge and experience in research and teaching, with a recognised track record. We are very excited about this integration and what it represents, for the impact we want to have on these issues, through knowledge sharing.”

“The Knowledge Institute is a fundamental hub for Abreu Advogados, since being an autonomous entity with a very clear mission to pursue innovation and research, it ensures that all our stakeholders are permanently up-to-date, having access to a wealth of information produced by the most reputable experts from various areas and backgrounds, in the most relevant themes at each moment. João Pedro Matos Fernandes has unique experience and practical knowledge in a key area that is strategic for us and for our clients, which makes him a very important addition to the Knowledge Institute,” adds Inês Sequeira Mendes, managing partner of Abreu Advogados.

João Pedro Matos Fernandes said, “The Abreu Advogados Knowledge Institute is a relevant project on the national scene, with academics and experts from different areas and nationalities who come together to contribute with their experience to generate new knowledge in areas that concern companies and citizens, such as ESG and this new form of organisation of companies. I have known the Institute for a long time and its openness to innovation, with which I identify myself. The focus on the future and the bet on pioneering areas that are or will impact the economy were critical factors for accepting this invitation. Energy transformation and ESG are key areas, to which I have dedicated myself, and it is a great honour for me to be able to contribute to generate knowledge and information.”

João Pedro Matos Fernandes holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto in 1991 and a Master’s degree in Transportation from the Instituto Superior Técnico, in Lisbon, in 1995. From his long career, we highlight the role of Minister of Environment, in the XXI Constitutional Government, until October 2018, being later Minister of Environment and Energy Transition.

Michael Heron