ILSA, an alliance of Law and Technology Schools, is born

The alliance is open to universities around the world and aims to support them in transforming their curricula, relying on technology and becoming more global

The Instituto de Innovación Legal has launched the Innovation in Law Studies Alliance (ILSA), an alliance of Law and Technology schools whose mission is to support their transformation through, among other activities, collaboration among its members, the organisation of innovative events and training activities and the exchange of good practices on innovation.

At present, the network includes about 15 universities from various countries around the world, including France, Poland, Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and South Africa.

ILSA works with the heads of faculties and their professors to help them acquire the new knowledge and skills they need to master in order to train their students in areas such as legal innovation, digital transformation, LegalTech or law firm management, in other words, the new knowledge and skills that future employers will demand.

For María Jesús González-Espejo, Instituto de Innovación Legal managing partner, vice-president of the European LegalTech Association (ELTA) and promoter of ILSA, ¨we made real an idea that we have been working on for several years. We have always believed that the transformation of the Legal sector had to start with the universities, and these need to commit to open innovation, encourage collaboration with other universities and be more global. ILSA will help them achieve these goals. In addition, we want to bring the best LegalTech applications to students so that when they start working, they can become the fundamental pillars of the digital transformation of their organisations.”

In order to achieve its objectives, ILSA has created an ambitious programme of activities that can be enjoyed by its collaborating or associated universities, which can be accessed on its website.

The universities that are already registered as ILSA members (plus five more that are pending of sending their info to the site) are:

• UEES Facultad de Derecho, Políticas y Desarrollo (Ecuador)
• Universidad Católica de Cuenca (Ecuador)
• Universidad CBKE (Plonia)
• Universidad EAFIT (Colombia)
• Universidad del Rosario (Colombia)
• Universidad del Cabo (Sudáfrica)
• Faculté de droit – Université Catholique de Lille (Francia)
• EDHEC Augmented Law Institute (Francia)
• Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (España)
• Universidad Ecotec (Ecuador)

Desire Vidal