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Iberian Lawyer April issue is now available for free download

One more year, Iberian Lawyer presents InspiraLAw, a selection of 50 top women in the legal sector that offers a diverse & inclusive and well-deserved list. This initiative recognises the role of women in the legal sector in Spain and Portugal. On this occasion, along with the veterans, Iberian Lawyer highlights other less well-known women but equally senior in their expertise. The gala where these InspiraLAw Diversity & Inclusion recognitions will take place is scheduled for May 25.

This edition has an international feel where Iberian Lawyer offers, among other matters, the final race among Linklaters global senior partner candidates with a special focus on Claudia Parzani. The Italian, an expert in Capital Markets, is presented as one of the winning options, and from Spain, we feature the interview made by LC Publishing Group´s editorial director Nicola Di Molfetta for the group’s Italian magazine, MAG.

Two Legal directors of legendary brands such as PepsiCo and Coca-Cola share their experiences with us. John Rigau, vice president and general counsel at PepsiCo West Europe, tells us, after 30 years with the firm, that “diversity, integrity, sustainability and meritocracy are part of the DNA of PepsiCo.” Bradley Gayton, senior vice president and global general counsel of Coca-Cola, explains to us what the diversity and inclusion standards set by the company as a new requirement for its panel of law firms consist of. We also spoke with Adeodato Pinto, general counsel at Efacec, a company whose main shareholder was Isabel dos Santos, who at that time was the richest woman in Africa. According to Adeodato, “Luanda Leaks and COVID-19, were Efacec’s two “pandemics” in arguably their most complex year.”

Straddling Miami and Barcelona, we get to know in more depth our April Partner Abroad, Ricardo Oliveras. The ECIJA partner was selected by Iberian Lawyer last February as one of the best Sports Law practice lawyers in Spain. As this month´s Young and Unstoppable, we present Irene Terrazas, a lawyer who, at 28, has gained a very solid position within the profession, specifically in her areas of expertise; Public Contracting, Commercial and Corporate Law.

Among our collaborations this month, we highlight the one made up of five great general counsel; Ana Buitrago, Teresa Mínguez, Eva Argilés, Gloria Sánchez and Rocío Bonet, who debate in the ACC article on their vision of gender and diversity. Manel Atserias Luque, founder of the Mental Health Institute of the Legal Profession, puts his finger on the sore spot and reflects on the need to “put an end to the mental health crisis in the legal profession.” Clara Cerdán, on behalf of Women in a Legal World, Vanessa Fernández Lledó and Paloma de Carlos Álvarez, representing the World Compliance Association, complete the issue.

The magazine is now available in English and Spanish.

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Desire Vidal