Helen Pino Vera founds Legal 70

Helen Pino Vera has founded Legal 70, the first transnational alliance of international law lawyers, specialized in international law from different cities in Europe, Dubai, the United States and Latin America. Based in Madrid and Barcelona it will reach 70 member firms by 2025. Miguel Orfila has incorporated as local partner in Barcelona´s office.

Legal 70 aims to offer economic and legal advice at an international level, eliminating the rigid structures that have traditionally developed this type of advice between different jurisdictions. The firm is formed by lawyers that Helen Pino Vera has personally selected and that Legal 70 coordinates from its offices in Barcelona and Madrid.

The lawyers, together with consultants and economists, who form this network, operate from their own offices located in different parts of the world and offer direct communication with their clients through a central coordination, which allows them to give a quick and contrasted response in matters that affect several jurisdictions at the same time. The collective spirit of the network allows them to provide complete solutions to complex needs with a wide range of services because it is a community that benefits from the mutual exchange of information among its international members.

In the words of Legal 70’s founder and CEO, Helen Pino Vera: “Since the Covid-19 pandemic it has become even more evident that global society is in a process of restructuring in which professionals are required to see each other as necessary collaborators and not competitors.” Pino emphasizes that “the lawyers and advisors of the network feed each other with information on the different applicable legislations in order to find the best solution for each case we have to face”.

Legal 70, which in Barcelona also has partner Miquel Orfila, has the vision of expanding the Spanish advisory services and offer them in a decentralized way through the cooperation of the various professionals associated internationally that make up the same network.

This new firm offers the benefits of working with a large firm with the advantages of a small firm where the communication between the partner and the client is direct with specialization in investment, real estate law, international mobility, private international law, international divorce, incorporation of companies and air transport claims, among others.

Helen Pino Vera has been practicing law in different jurisdictions for more than 15 years, which has allowed her to establish a network of contacts whose purpose is to offer high quality services to those who have open international matters in an accessible manner. Her experience as a lawyer in private international law has helped her to identify the needs of her clients and she has initiated this new project that will reach the goal of 70 associated offices in less than two years.

Julia Gil