Gorka Goenechea Receives Award for Arbitration Excellence

Gorka Goenechea Permisán, a Partner at ECIJA Barcelona, has been honored with the prestigious Elías Campo Villegas Award in the arbitration category. The award, presented by the Notarial College of Catalonia, aims to promote and raise awareness about the discipline of mediation, as well as other alternative methods of conflict resolution.

The Elías Campo Villegas Award recognizes outstanding contributions and excellence in the field of arbitration. Gorka Goenechea Permisán’s achievement highlights his significant expertise and commitment to promoting alternative dispute resolution methods. The award underscores the importance of mediation in the legal landscape and acknowledges professionals who have made significant advancements in this field.

In response to receiving the award, Goenechea Permisán expressed his gratitude and emphasized the importance of fostering awareness around alternative dispute resolution.

The Notarial College of Catalonia, in presenting this award, aims to inspire legal professionals to explore and adopt innovative approaches to dispute resolution. By recognizing individuals like Gorka Goenechea Permisán, the College contributes to the broader legal community’s understanding and appreciation of alternative methods that can streamline and enhance conflict resolution processes.